UTTAR PRADESH, 201301 Ph -0120-4258052/53,0120-4230128/129, School Affiliation No:- 2130105, School Code:- 60040
Prefectorial Board  
For the smooth functioning of theSchool, the Prefectorial Board has divided the school into six houses namely Patel, Gandhi, Tagore,
Nehru, Tilak and Azad, thereby providing a good platform for the holistic development of students. It forms the basis of all competitions 
and activities in school and fosters team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. Students exhibit their talents and skills to bring glory
to their respective houses. 
To make its rule effective the duties and power of various appointment holders are well defined. Each house has a coordinator,wardens,
captains,vide-captains and prefects. Through their combined efforts the school runs in a disciplined and smooth manner.A number of interhouse
competitions are held whereby students showcase their innate potentials , and a running trophy is given to the " Best house of the year".


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