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The School is led by an extremely talented team of teachers from accross the country.And talent is not the only attribute they possess.Each one of our teachers has an innate passion , not just to teach , but also to learn from their experiences and from the students.Our teachers are stalwarts in their fields in knowledge,in flexibility,in commitment and in motivational skills.Then flexible student-centered approach,meanwhile facilitates learning in its truest sense.And what inspires our teachers are the very high expectations that they have from the students both inside and outside the classroom.The school also strongly believes in developing its teachers and encouraging them to enhance their skills.Our school conduts several training programmes to share best practices,arranges experts to run workshops and sends teachers to workshops - both within Noida and  NCR.

Nursery Wing
This includes the first 2 classes of a student’s school life i.e. LKG AND UKG. This Wing aims at blooming the ‘tender buds’. These tiny tots are a breath of fresh air and fragrance for us, which we attempt to surround for happiness of all.With this flowering objective our Nursery Wing has been catered with separate Nursery Library, Multimedia Hall, Activity Room, Disney Land (toy room), Swings, Splash Pool etc.
“It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort”

S.NO NAME                                         DESIGNATION                           QUALIFICATION                      
1. Ms Pooja Chachra Nursery Teacher M.A in English , NTT
2. Ms Shivani Mehra Nursery Teacher B.Com, NTT
3. Ms Vibha Singh Nursery Teacher MA in Economics, NTT
4. Ms Ritu Kapoor Nursery Teacher MA, BEd
5. Ms Bindu Sharma Nursery Teacher MA, Bed, NTT
6. Ms Bhawna Sharma Nursery Teacher, B.ED, Computer Diploma, Diploma
Course in Secretarial Practice, BTSM
9. Ms Lalitha Sashisekar Nursery Teacher M.Com, BEd, Post Graduate Diploma in Pre Primary Education.
10. Ms Akansha Nursery Teacher B.Com, NTT, ECCE
11. Ms Aditi Sarkar Nursery Teacher, NTT

12. Ms Himani Bhardwaj Nursery Teacher M.Com, NTT
13. Ms Dhruvi Nursery Teacher B.Com, NTT

Junior Wing

This wing focusses on grooming students of class I to V by introducing them to a gamut of activities that develop the physical cognitive , emotional , social and aesthetic skills.It is a small heaven illuminated with radiance and the beauty of the twinkling stars who enter the portals of the institution with dreams in their eyes and wishes in their hearts.

S.NO NAME                                            DESIGNATION                          QUALIFICATION                     
12. Mrs Renu Chhibber Chief Co-oridnatior (Jr. Wing)

BA., B. Ed. 

13. Ms. Nivedina Singh PRT BSc, BEd
14. Ms. Richa Bhandari PRT BSc, BEd, Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and dietetics
15. Ms. Jyotsana Chibber PRT BSc , BEd, NTT
16. Ms. Usha A. V. PRT BSc, BEd
17. Ms Ruchi Gupta PRT MSc Computer Science, 
18. Ms Charu Mehrotra PRT MA in English, BEd
19. Ms Alpana Rawat PRT MA, BEd
20. Ms Archana Rana PRT MA, BEd
22. Ms Shalini Khetarpal PRT BA, BEd
23. Ms Ritu Basuta PRT MA, BEd
24. Ms Astha Kashyap PRT MA, BEd
25. Ms Shilpa Sachdeva PRT MSc, BEd, CTET
26. Ms Sunita Batra PRT BA,BEd, NTT
27. Ms Arpita Som PRT XII, 5Yr Diploma in Art & Craft
28. Ms Sangeeta Gupta PRT MA, NTT
29. Ms Isha Rawat Librarian B.Lib, M.Lib
30. Ms Anju Chauhan PRT BA, BPED
31. Ms Sushma Kumari PRT MSc, BEd
32. Ms Pearl Bhatia PRT BCOM, BEd
33.  Ms Sumedha PRT, Bed
34. Ms Mukesh Dahiya PRT MA, BEd
35. Ms Shreya Mishra PRT D.E.LED
36. Ms Taniya Garyali PRT B.Tech,MBA, BEd, MSW
37. Ms Ritu Sharma PRT BA, NTT
38. Ms Anjali Panwar PET MSc, BEd
39. Ms Radhika PRT MA, BEd
40. Ms Anju Menon PRT MBA, BEd
41. Ms Anjali Bisht PRT MSc, MA


Ms Geeta Bhatia PRT 


43. Ms Aditi Mukhi PRT BA, BEd
44. Ms Meetu Monga PRT MA, BEd
45 Ms Archana Shukla PRT BA, BEd
46 Ms Neelam Lalit PRT MA, BEd
47 Mr Rajdev PRT MA, MPhil, BEd
48 Mr Ashok Bhardwaj PRT BA, BPEd
49 Ms Ayushi Vaidwan PRT, B.ed
50 Ms Sheetal Shah PRT  

Senior Wing
The Juniors on progression are welcomed by Senior Wing, where ‘Academic Excellence’ is the keynote for further development.  Our objective is to enrich every senior student with a reservoir of knowledge & information, through which intelligence and learning will spring naturally and thus focus on to develop various facets of child's personality.  By nurturing the seed of values like teamwork, loyalty, spirit of caring & sharing, an inquisitive mind and progressive endeavour to reveal their academic radiance, the school takes pride in grooming children to grow as constructive citizens of tomorrow. There are well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Sciences, Integrated Social Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, that are designed with the latest state of the art infrastructure.

S.NO NAME                                DESIGNATION                                  QUALIFICATION                           
50 Ms. Chitra Kant Officiating Principal M. Sc., B. Ed
51 Ms. Shweta Mukhi PGT M. Sc., B. Ed. PGDCA
52 Ms. Mamta Bhasin PGT M. Sc., B. Ed
53 Mr. Joydeep Bandyopadhyay PGT M. Sc., B.Ed, MCA
54 Ms Poonam Kalra PGT M. Sc., B. Ed
55 Ms. Jaishree Sanjiv PGT M.A B. Ed., M. Phil
56 Ms. Ruchi Sharma PGT M. A., B. Ed
57 Ms. Venika Bhalla PGT M. Com., B. Ed
58 Ms. Ruchi Jain PGT M. Com., B. Ed. CTET, UGC-Net
59 Ms. Shalini Sharma PGT M. Sc., B. Ed., MCA
60 Ms. Amita Joshi PGT M. A., B. Ed.,   M. Phil. UGC, PGDSM
61 Ms Pratibha Sarkar PGT Master in Fine Arts, BED
62 Ms Nirmala Singh PGT M.Sc, B.Ed
63 Ms Nidhi Sanghi PGT MA,BeD
64 Ms Richa Jain PGT MSc, BED
65 Mr Tarun Madan PGT MSc, BED
66 Ms Surbhi Kaul PGT MA, B.Ed
67 Ms Priya Arora PGT MA,BEd
68 Ms Anju Daksh PGT History MA,BEd
69 Ms Pooja Chhabra PGT MCom, BEd
70 Ms Bindu Kapoor PGT  MA,BEd
71 Dr Nidhi Sharma PGT P.hd
72 Ms Savita Yadav PGT MA, BEd
73 Mr Sandeep Tiwari PGT M.Tech, BEd
74 Ms Meenu Pathak TGT MA, BEd
75 Ms Anushree Banerjee TGT MA, BEd
76 Ms Geetu Sabharwal TGT BSc, BEd
77 Ms Sujata TGT MSc, BEd
78 Ms Monika Thakur TGT BSc, BEd
79 Ms Sudeshna Debray TGT MSc, BEd
80 Ms Archana TGT MA, BEd
81 Ms Chandrani Kinra TGT MA(Education), BEd, STET
82 Ms Ekta Kapoor TGT MSc, BEd
83 Ms Neena Bhardwaj TGT MSc, BEd
84 Ms Kiran Bansal TGT MCA,3yrs Dip in Comp Engg
85 Ms Neelam Adhikari TGT P.hd
86 Ms Deepti Taneja TGT (German) B.Com, MDIT
87 Ms Vandana Bhati TGT MA, BEd
88 Ms Diksha Gupta TGT MSc, BEd
89 Ms Sangeeta Panwar TGT MSc, BEd
90 Ms Shilpa Panesar TGT Art & Craft MA (Drawing & Painting)
91 Ms Swati Jain School Counsellor Post Graduation, BEd, UGC NET
92 Ms Rekha Rani PET BA, BPED
93 Mr Karan Singh Moral Education MA (Sanskrit, BEd)
94 Ms Heena Budhiraja Franch Teacher B.Com, Diploma in Franch, DELF A1 &A2
95 Ms Rajni Sharma Librarian BA, Mlib
96 Ms Geetanjali TGT MSc, BEd
97 Ms Neetu Verma TGT MA(Sociology), BEd
98 Ms Kiran Rana TGT MSc, BEd
99 Ms Suniti TGT MA, BEd
100 Ms Shivani TGT MA, MPhil, BEd
101 Ms Pooja Khachi TGT MSc, BEd
102 Ms Suman TGT MA, BEd
103 Ms Amrita Chadha TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
104 Mr Hansraj Arya TGT MA, BEd
105 Ms Shruti Aryam TGT MA, BEd
106 Mr Awdesh TGT  
107 Ms Rama TGT MA, BEd
108 Ms Prachi Arya TGT MA, BEd
109 Ms Preeti Sharma TGT MA, BEd
110 Ms Vanshika sharma TGT MA, BEd
111 Ms Monika Bhardwaj Librarian BA, M.Lib
112 Ms Phool Kumari TGT MA, B.Ed
113 Mr Akash Bhatnagar TGT BPed








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