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Dear Parents,                                                                                       

                               Welcome to the DAV Family - the biggest Non- Govt Educational Organisation of the country


Today, all of us are  facing an unprecedentedly grim situation due to the ongoing spread of CoronaVirus. The whole world is at a halt and engaged in fighting with one enemy, i.e. CoronaVirus. As per the orders of our Hon’ble Prime Minister, all the organisations including schools have been closed till 14th April, 2020. This lockdown period may also be extended.

While we are away from the classroom and wait for the school to reopen, let us use this opportunity to share information and remain connected  through this platform.

While at home, in this crucial time, the parents’ role is more challenging as all the family members have to protect themselves from the virus as well as remain positive and keep all the other family members, particularly children, positive.  Let us join hands and while staying indoors do something to engage children in some or other creative activity on each day. 

We have jotted down certain points which the parents must keep in mind while handling their children at home:

  1. Avail these days as an opportunity to be together with your family members and children. It is an opportunity to strengthen your family bonds; give your wholehearted time, attention and  support to your family members.
  2. Please don’t ask / force your child to write alphabets or numbers etc. Boost up your energies as your only Homework is Play, Play and Play with your children. The school also follows the policy of “No Homework (written), No Bags and No Examination” upto class II.
  3. Explore your own talent as well as that of your children and engage them in some enjoyable activity ; It can be singing, dancing, creating a piece of music on guitar or any other musical instrument, drawing, colouring, painting, playing games which may help in their physical as well mental development. You can share your videos, pics on whats app group and also email those at email id : tenderbudsofdavlkg2020@gmail.com
  4. Don’t discuss too much about Coronavirus in front of children as they are too young to understand it at a time when even the Scientists, Researchers and Doctors are not claiming to have full knowledge of this. Avoid negative discussions at home as children may get scared and may worry about themselves, their family and friends getting ill with COVID-19.
  5. Remain calm and reassuring - Remember that children will react to both what you say and how you say it. They will pick up cues from the conversations you have with them and with others.
  6.  Make yourself available to listen and to talk. Take time to talk. Be sure children know they can come to you when they have questions.
  7. Pay attention to what children see or hear on television, radio, or online.
  8. Understand your children. In this Curfew like situation when children have to remain indoors and when they can’t go out and play with their friends, they may develop some behavioural problems/ show tantrums as they don’t know how to react or express their anxiety. So don’t be angry with them in panic. Keep patience and engage them in a variety of activities which can help in their physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development.
  9. It is also a high time to teach children great Indian values which include patience, kindness, empathy, helping other family members, speaking softly, respectful and caring attitude towards elders, caring and sharing, gratitude etc.
  10. It is time to imbibe good  habits in your children particularly eating habits like not eating outside, eating nutritious food and habits involving Hygiene like washing of hands, brushing of teeth, taking bath daily, wearing neat, clean and well ironed dress, combing hair, keeping nails cut  and sneeze and cough etiquettes

We are all looking forward to meeting children in person and to hear their laughter filling up the classrooms with joy, happiness and positivity. We'll soon overcome this CoronaVirus with our strong mental as well as  physical immune system.

I’ll conclude with P.B.Shelley’s famous quote “If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind”

So Keep Smiling, Stay safe and Stay Healthy

With Regards

IP Bhatia


Sarla Chopra Public School, Sector 56, NOIDA


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